YouTube is one of the strongest advertising and media platforms in the world, providing individuals and businesses a robust marketing arena and access to massive amounts of consumers.  In 2014 during the months of March – May, YouTube reached more 18 – 34 year old than popular cable networks.  Building up a strong YouTube subscriber base is essential for creating a powerful community online.

Engage YouTube Viewers With Quality Content

YouTube can showcase the unscripted humor of ordinary people like no medium before it has.  It can help business define and grow their company brand.  It can help unknown musicians  achieve enduring fame on YouTube and become household names.  Adele Adkins , now a monotonous pop diva, is perhaps the most famous example of a YouTube era music star.  Within months of the shy British teen allowing her friends to persuade her to post videos of her songs on YouTube, her music was topping the charts and winning awards.

It is not hard to find examples of people and business who have been successful in their quest for large numbers of YouTube subscribers.  Let’s take a look at a couple of YouTube success stories.

2014 Top 5 YouTube channels



Since December 2013, PewDiePie has been the most viewed channel on YouTube, with over nine billion views and more than 37 million subscribers, and its content is almost entirely thanks to the efforts of one man, Felix Kjallberg.  In 2014, Kjallberg’s channel surpassed Rihanna’s in terms of number of YouTube marketing subscribers, which is impressive.  Considering that Rihanna sings on hit records, dances in video clips, performs on tour, and poses for fashion photo shoots on magazine covers; while all Kjallberg does is play video games on YouTube.  The videos on the PewDiePie channel consist of video footage of video games as Kjallberg plays them, plus Kjallberg’s narration.

Kjallberg has been as successful in his quest for YouTube marketing subscribers as he his video game avatars have been in their ongoing war against video game enemies.  His channel has helped to generate publicity for many games made by independent game developers, and he has even helped to raise money for charities by encouraging his YouTube marketing subscribers to donate.  Originally from Sweden, Kjallberg was studying economics in England when he started the PewDiePie channel.  In 2011, when he was 21 years old, he quit his studies in the competitive economics program at Chalmers University of Technology in order to devote himself more completely to making his unique breed of video game walkthrough videos on YouTube.  His primary motivation was not to become a worldwide celebrity; he was simply following his passion.  He wanted to share the fun of interesting games with viewers around the world.  PewDiePie is the type of entertainment that never could have been part of the mainstream without YouTube.  No one would watch a television show of someone else’s video game screen, and much of Kjallberg’s colorful language would never fly on network television, but PewDiePie appeals to several YouTube trends:


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  • Educational – How To Videos People frequently turn to YouTube for step by step demonstrations of how to do things

  • Product Demonstrations – Performing a product demo videos give a tour of how your product works, and are more of a “soft sell” than an infomercial.

YouTube Viewer Success- Unilever's Project Sunlight, motivated people to live more stainably and shined with 77 Million YouTube Views.



Smosh is another YouTube channel that started with creative people who were not professional entertainers and quickly became a sensation.  Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, the two members of Smosh, rode YouTube’s first wave of popularity and, on three separate occasions, have held the record for the greatest number of YouTube marketing subscribers.  Hecox and Padilla are among the early YouTube personalities that put the “you” in YouTube; their performances were like things your high school friends did in the school cafeteria to your great amusement, funnier and more original than anything a highly paid team of producers could dream up.  In fact, they made their earliest videos just to entertain their friends, who convinced them that the videos were too much fun not to share with the world.  The classic Smosh videos feature Hecox and Padilla lip synching to the theme music to popular children’s television shows from their childhood.  Since then, the Smosh channel has branched out, posting comedy sketches, video game walkthrough videos, and fan-submitted videos.  A Smosh feature film is even scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015.

The most successful YouTube channels have followed the same advice:

  • Differentiate yourself.  Spend five minutes exploring YouTube and you’ll see that people have found dozens of ways to promote their businesses. You don’t have to demonstrate something new in the world, you just have to differentiate yourself.  Study other competitors and figure out how you can stand out and begin to build your following.
  • Be Creative – There are so many quick videos you can create to build a brand or start a business on YouTube.  There are videos covering everything. You could create a quick how-to, shoot a customer testimonial, or simply share a little about yourself and what you do. How you choose to showcase your yourself or your business depends on your goals, your target audience, and their needs.
  • Quality matters.  Whatever your videos do, do it well. Spend time building a script or a video outline to ensure your message is clear and your objectives are met. Make a quality video with proper audio and quality recordings.  Spending time to get the quality of your content correct is key to building your YouTube Subscribers.
  • Read your feedback and Engage your YouTube subscriber.  Maintaining a YouTube channel takes time and patience.  A good channel owner responds to viewer comments and questions.  The goal is to convert viewer to subscribers so they are alerted when you post new content.
  • Measure and Monitor your channel .Constantly improve your content and your channel by engaging your subscribers and viewers to see what is working is what is not. YouTube provides analytics that provides demographic, tracks views over time, among other value metrics. Use the Analytics features to learn from existing video to see what works for your viewers.
  • Understand how YouTube works. Lastly and Most important get an understanding of how YouTube Works.   For more information, get your copy of the

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